Monday, March 15, 2010

I love sisters.

Its gotten pretty loud around the Freeman house lately. About two weeks ago, Josh and I decided to let his friend Brown come and stay with us for the remainder of our time here. Brown is in the same class as Josh. His wife is also in the army and is stationed in he has been living in the barracks. Then, the commanders or whoever is super important (haha) told everyone that any married soldiers living in the barracks would have two weeks to find a place to live off base! It would have been rediculous for Brown to pay for a deposit and anything else for only 7 more weeks!

Then, my little sister came last Friday for her spring break!! I didn't tell Anistyn that she was coming...they are extremely I knew it would be a great surprise! Here's the picture from when Anistyn first saw Tia at the airport.

What a great moment! On Saturday we did the tour of Monterey with Tia. We took her to the beach, the pier, out for lunch, and then to show her around Josh's base. The bird guy was there again...he loooves to get people to hold his birds and it was the second time Anistyn has held one. Tia was very unsure about it!

When we got back home Tia and I headed off to the mall. It was so GREAT being able to shop with a girl! Not that I don't love shopping with Josh...but...its a girl thing! Why? Because you do things like this!

Josh is very funny and definitely entertaining...however, I doubt he would want to model hairbows with me...haha.

We are having such a great time with now 2 guys with so many army things going on, its nice to have some girl time for a little while...with someone around my age! We also made a hilarious rap video for our older sister...of course we had to borrow some of Josh's shirts and hats...but it left her crying from laughing so much.

Ohhh sisters. Life would dull without mine.


  1. Sisters....there is nothing else like them!!

  2. Oh, I totally agree. I would never survive without mine, for either the laughter or the tears! (and I can't wait to get to know my newest sister a little better this summer....)