Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring weather=fun times!

Now that the weather is in its lovely in between time, its perfect for outdoor family time. It isn't the freezing cold it was before, but it hasn't made it to the blistering summer heat either. On Friday Josh had some errands he wanted to get done, so Anistyn and I headed up to the park since she was out of school. After much playtime, we headed home for more playtime with daddy and Saban outside. Saturday we headed up to Adventure Crossing, which is a small amusement park. It has go karts, rides, an arcade, and mini golf. We spent the whole afternoon there together, then headed home.

I've also been working more on our meal times around here. Since Josh is working 2 to midnight, I've had to readjust meal times a little. The only difference is that I now cook Josh a meal at midnight. Sometimes its meals that are reheatable...but sometimes I just cook a whole other meal.

I've done so great with meal planning this last week. I am all set up for our meals up to April 2nd! Go me!

I did make one meal last Friday night that was a big hit here. I had some salmon in the freezer that I wanted to use up, so I took to the world wide web to find something to make it super yummy. I found a yummy glaze to put on top and it gobbled up quickly. Josh really loved it especially.

Here's the recipe:

Mix together:
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
2 tablespoons horseradish

Spread the glaze all over the top and bake at 450 for 20 minutes.

Funny side note: The only item that I was missing from this recipe was the horseradish so I added it to our grocery list. I always make out the list, and Josh likes to do the grocery shopping. So when he came back from the store...he had an actual horseradish! Not the sauce that comes in the bottle already made...but a HORSERADISH! It was hilarious! I of course asked him why he didn't buy horseradish bottled and he said "I was just reading the list. It said you needed you got horseradish." He is DID say horseradish...haha.

So, since I obviously had a horseradish ready, I just googled how to make horseradish. All it took was chopping it up, adding some water and white vinegar and putting it in the food processor. Then, I just jarred the rest to use later...and now I have homemade horseradish! We also had a good laugh over the ordeal as well!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy dance!

I am my mother's daughter.

I'm not stating this obvious fact just for any reason though. I will never forget all the weekends that I had to spend, being dragged from consignment yard sales...over and over again. I never understood my mother's fascination with these places.

Until now.

Now that we're about to have not one, but two little girls running around this place, there is one thing we will never have enough of. CLOTHES! Anistyn is at the point now where I have completely ran out of all hand me downs people have so graciously given to me through the years. With spring right  around the corner, she had NO shorts and barely and t-shirts that fit.

Then there's Britton, who will be born in the summer. Of course, she won't need many clothes in one size since she'll be growing so quickly...but I have absolutely nothing for her yet! Since this is the first time in awhile that I've had to purchase a whole seasonal wardrobe for Anistyn, I wanted to go about it the best way. You will never convince me to spend big bucks on children's clothing...unless its a special occasion. Especially for a baby. I remember spending 30 dollars on an outfit for Anistyn when I was pregnant with her. She wore it one time, then it seemed like she outgrew it the next day.

So, when a fellow blogger that I follow, Nicole, wrote about consignment sales...I knew I wanted to find one. Then, she just so happened to give out this great link on her page. You can click on it HERE. and search for any consignment sales going on in your area!

I looked on the site and it just so happened that there was a huge church consignment sale going on this weekend! Then...I did a happy dance. I quickly told Josh about it, and while he did not participate in my happy dance with me...I know he appreciates the penny saver in me.

The sale started this morning...and while I was up and ready to go, Josh needed to sleep in a bit due to his schedule. Once he had slept though, we headed over to the church to see what we could find. 

This is what we ended up with:

14 different pieces for the girls! For how much you ask? 40 bucks!

Anistyn got 4 shirts and a pair of shorts.

      While Britton got her first stash of outfits! Really...I forgot how fun it is to shop for baby girls!

From now on I'll be sure to kee track of any more consignment sales in my area!

Oh, and by the mother is so proud!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swing shift

Around here, we're trying to get adjusted to Josh's new "swing shift" schedule.

We were so spoiled since he got home in October. Josh was working from around 8-4...give or take 30 minutes to an hour depending on the day. It was great. We were all up in the morning together getting ready. Anistyn and him got all of their work done during the day, which gave me time to myself to get all the housework done and meals started. I would pick her up at 3:00...and he would be home at 4.

He had time to spend with Anistyn before dinner where we all sat down to eat together. He could help with Anistyn's homework and after putting her to bed, we still had a few hours to spend together before bedtime.

Now though...its an ajdustment. He works 2 to midnight and we're still working on getting used to it. He pretty much doesn't see Anistyn during the week at all. When I'm getting her ready and off to school, he's still sleeping. And by the time she's home from school, he's already at work. If I want to spend time with him, it means staying up until around 2am...which means I sleep in too...which I don't like to do.

Hopefully we'll start getting used to it soon. I've started cooking dinner for Anistyn and I...and thne cooking for him again at midnight when he gets home. I know that once he's been at work for so long, there's nothing like a fresh, home cooked meal.

And it could always be worse. There are a lot of wives that don't get to spend any time with their husbands at all right now due to deployments and other things. So, while it is an ajdustment...he is very much worth it. they're talking about making him work night shift. So as soon as we DO get used to this will probably change again!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good-bye...or, see you later!

Yesterday some of my friends and I met up at O'Charleys for lunch, and to say good-bye to one of our friends, Kemis. Since this base is used a lot for training there are a lot of people that just are here for around 8 months...and then leave. Such is military life:(

I adored Kemis right when I met her. We our both loud, outspoken...and its pretty funny when we're around each other. Plus...we were both pregnant! I say were because Kemis gave birth to her adorable little boy a little over 2 weeks ago!

So, along with this being a farewell lunch for was also my first time getting to meet little Israel Alan.

He was soooo tiny! Its hard to believe that in 4 more months I'll be holding my own. Since I haven't had to care for an infant in 6 made it very real to me! I just forgot how tiny and fragile they are when they're so little! He is absolutely precious!

I am going to miss him and his mommy so much and wish they weren't leaving! But I am glad that I got to know them for a short while.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lapse of judgement...

For anyone that knows me...and EVER brings up college football, its very obvious which team I pull for.

I am a HUGE Alabama fan. I adore them and look forward to college football season like many people do. I even named our dog Saban, after the coach.

Josh, a fan of Florida State University.

Now, I have no hate for his team and will gladly cheer them on with him when they play. As long as they don't play my team. For anyone that knows Josh and I, we constantly joke with each other and are known to be quite competitive. Our college football teams are no exception.

So, when it came down to deciding which team our kids would root for, we split it down the middle. Obviously, I have been raising Anistyn for the last 6 years to be a solid Alabama fan. Therefore, he staked his claim on Britton, even making FSU colored crib bedding and curtains.

Did I mention we really like to show off our teams?

Last Saturday we all took a family trip to the mall and made a couple of stops into the sports stores to look around. Thats when it happened.

Anistyn switched sides.

I was in shock, disbelief...and overwhelmed with her choice. You raise your children to believe one thing. You teach them the right way...and then they pull these kind of stunts on you? Horrendous.

She proudly pranced around stating that she was on daddy's side now...and liked Florida State. She even went as far as to convince him to buy her Florida State silly bands! Outrageous!!

Oh, did Josh just LOVE it. He laughed the whole way through the store, encouraging her to explore her new love for his team, while I stood there with my head hung low.

(Really, it was hilarious and Josh and I were cracking up about it. Please note that this is highly dramatized!)

Once our mall trip was over and we were back home, she declared that she was once again an Alabama fan. I for one, was proud to have her back on my side and have come to terms with the fact that it was only a temporary lapse in judgement. Josh claims that he wouldn't want such a wishy washy fan on his side anyways.

We did have a day full of laughter about the whole incident and although I wrote this blog to be funny, we really did assure Anistyn that she is free to choose whichever team she wants, she can even like both.

Poor Britton...poor girl doesn't know what she's about to get into with this family!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here I am!

Ah, life. What have we all been up to?

Busy decorating and moving things around for miss Britton, a visit from my wonderful in-laws, a visit from my best friend Michelle...where her and Josh put together Britton's crib bedding. That followed by sickness in the house which lasted a good while. Anistyn is being recommended for the gifted program at school and my belly is growing and Britton is moving and kicking like crazy. Josh has had a schedule change, so we've been trying to adjust to his 2 to midnight schedule...which we're getting the hang of. I've been making some great friends here which I am SOOO happy about!

Phew! I'm sure there's more that I'm leaving out. I have been so busy being wrapped up in this great life, that I've been forgetting to take a minute to blog about it!

Really though, things couldn't be any better right now. My pregnancy is coming along beautifully. I honestly couldn't make it through without Josh...he is my biggest supporter and is so nurturing and caring that it makes me fall in love with him everyday. I do miss him being home in the evenings now, but we do our best to spend time together.

All in all, things couldn't be better and I will TRY to blog more about everything as it happens...instead of always having to do updates!