Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its been awhile...

Wow, time flies when you're having fun.

The past couple of weeks have been very busy for us. Anistyn and I have been doing a few playdates with our friends and have loved every minute of it. Last weekend we spent a rainy Sunday at Kelly's house with her kids since both of our husbands had to get some studying done. We did a craft with the girls and let them play while we got to have girl time. Kelly is one of those girls that I just instantly clicked with, and we have a lot in common. Her parents actually live in Alabama...small world.

I had wanted Kelly to try out the mommy's group that I had gone to with Anistyn by myself, for two reasons. For one, she's going to be here for two years and I thought she might like some of the girls. The other reason I had wanted her to go was to see if she got the same feel that I did. I really don't have a problem with meeting people...I'm really outgoing and can find something in common with almost anyone..but for some reason I didn't feel like I clicked with any of the girls, except for one. So, Kelly and I agreed to go one of their playdates. We met at the local humane society so that we could all take a tour...good thing Josh warned me not to bring any animals home, or we might have a houseful right now!

After it was all said and done...Kelly got the same feeling that I did. I'm not saying they're mean, or rude or anything like that at all. I'm sure they're all really nice. I would just think...ESPECIALLY being military wives whose lives a lot of times mean moving, making new friends, moving again, meeting more friends....that they would be a little more inviting since they understand a lot of what you're going through. As a first timer to a group event, it can be somewhat overwhelming...and its really awkward to stand there with a group of girls and not one of them say anything to you. Alas...Kelly and I had a lot of laughs about it afterwards and will not be attending any more of their meetups...haha.

Oh, but the little ones did have a great time looking at all of the animals.

This is me with Kelly's little boy, Gavin.

This boy is seriously....hilarious. One of the funniest kids I've ever met! Everytime I am around him he makes me almost cry from laughing so hard! Makes me ONE day want a little man of my own. I said ONE day...haha.

Last Saturday night Josh, Anistyn, and I went over to Kelly's for dinner with her whole family. It was great to let the husbands meet. We ate and then all played on the wii together. I beat Josh at bowling...which was great since we took Anistyn bowling for the first time the previous weekend and we had the bumpers up, and I kept hitting them! Therefore, Josh said that I needed the bumpers more than her!

Lastly, in all of our news, we finally have Josh's graduation date...April 29th! I am so very excited for him and will be sure to take MANY pictures of the graduation! Which bring me to what comes AFTER his graduation. Once he is done with the graduation ceremony, he will be free to leave California.

They're supposed to give a married soldier 10 days of packing time, and 5 days of traveling time. That would give him two weeks off to be able to spend some time with family and friends in the south before he leaves. That would be too easy though, right? Of course it would! Therefore, because of Josh's report date, he only gets 7 days leave. 3 of which will be spent driving back to the south. Therefore, he only gets 4 days to see people when we get back. Which means....I have less than 10 weeks left with him. Yuck.

Its not a deployment, so I don't have to WORRY about him...I know he'll be safe and sound. He just won't be safe and sound with me. Ah well...military life. But where did these past few months go...I guess we were just having too much fun together.

At first we had talked about Anistyn and I just staying in California until he was done, but the more we talked about it, the more we agreed that it would be best to be in the south. For one, I think the time spent apart from him would go by a lot faster if I were surrounded by my friends and family that I miss now. Also, Anistyn is going to start school in the fall, and I would hate to put her in school over here, then have to pull her out a month into the school year. Also, this summer I can spend time going to whichever base we'll be at and finding us a house then getting Anistyn and I situated. Hopefully being busy this summer will make it go by fast and then before I know it...we'll be back together again!


  1. You already sound so much like Bethany! (the only other military gal I know! ha ha!) I am sure you are going to have a blast and it will be exciting for you to find out where you are going to be next! Adventurous life here you come!

  2. After our talk the other day, I realized that we really need to get serious about setting a time for you to come down here. I know Andy is going to want to see Josh when he is "home", but after he leaves, I am hoping you and Ani will head this way for awhile.
    And yes, it will go faster when you are with people you love - I always recommend coming "home" when the hubby is away. But that is just me...