Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow days equal fun days!

Just like everyone else nearby, we had a snow day today! There have been many warnings we kept watching the news to see if Anistyn would have school. When we went to bed, they said that school had a 2 hour delay. This morning was canceled! In fact...the whole post was closed...which meant that Josh got a snow day too!

We had so much fun playing in the snow today! When it snowed at Christmastime, we were still busy shuttling ourselves to and from places, so we didn't really have a chance to play in it much. So, we took full advantage of it today!

Here are my two sledders! Having a bunch of huge moving tubs obviously has other advantages! They make great makeshift sleds!

Little Saban even had a great time playing in the snow with all of us. Although the poor guy kept having trouble finding places to go potty!

Daddy of course, couldn't just sit down...he still had to act like a little daredevil! I'm sure this would not surprise his parents at all!

                                                  Anistyn had so much fun with the snow!

Even when she wiped out!

                                           Saban even got a turn to try sledding with daddy!

We all got to come inside for hot chocolate, then I made us waffles for "brunch". The day was filled with being lazy, watching movies, playing on the wii, and more snow time once Uncle Barker came over!

Anistyn is already out of school tomorrow as well...and Josh so far doesn't have to go in until 10...but we're hoping he gets another snow day as well! Its always more fun when he's here!

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  1. Hilarious to see Josh standing up and "sledding". But, like the parents, I can't say I am surprised. I guess I have known him long enough too! Glad you had some good adventures in the snow. We still have a little bit hanging on, but it seems to be giving up the fight today.