Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One more week.

In exactly a week I will be leaving California and headed back to the lovely south, which I have missed dearly. It brings such bittersweet emotions! For the most part, I am extremely excited. I have a fun packed summer planned. First a road trip back, including stops in L.A.,  Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. I get to see my parents, sisters, and my brother who supposedly is now taller than me and is definitely sounding more "man-ish" on the phone. I'll take a trip to Tampa to see my aunt. I will lounge out by the pool with my friends. I will get to spend quality time with my in-laws, and Andy, Bethany, and their kids. I'll get to actually enjoy a summer with Anistyn before she has to start kindergarten. I'll get house hunt and pick out our home...wherever it will be. I am looking forward to it SO much...all except for that one tiny part that will be missing the whole time. Josh.

 These last 7 or so months in California have been such a growing experience for me. I learned how to be a wife and what it really meant to have someone be my partner. Even if I begin to think about what one man has brought to my life...I start to tear up. I can't begin to describe the things that I have learned..I think the list would go on and on. All I will say is that I found what I thought was nonexistant for me. In every dream I had of the person I wanted...and in every prayer I prayed to God about that man...and in the end, I got him. So now...we have to be apart for a little while. And...well, it just plain stinks.

Someone asked me the other day how I thought I would handle it if Josh got deployed. This isn't a deployment, but since we will be separated I told her I would handle it the same way most military spouse's do. One day at a time. Cry when I need to cry, and then get up and get on with my day. I am so glad that we had these last few months because I know without a doubt that we have an amazing marriage, and this is just a tiny bump to get through. Plenty of people have done it before us, and with all of my activities I am planning to keep me from going crazy...I think it will fly by. Or it better!

Tonight we met up with some of Josh's classmates for a dinner at Red Lobster (which by the way, I still can barely I am still stuffed!) I am amazed by all of them and what they have achieved out here. Thursday is graduation, and after  that is whole lot of packing and moving before my friends get here on Sunday to spend a couple of days with us before we all leave on Tuesday.

In the meantime I am going to savor every last moment with Josh...maybe we can get on each other's nerves enough in the next 6 days that the break won't be as hard!


  1. I would say that with packing and moving, you don't have to worry about "maybe" getting on each other's nerves enough! ha ha ha! I can't believe you've been out there that long. Maybe when you are back this way we can meet sometime too! Have a fun last week in sunny California!

  2. The "one day at a time" thing is exactly how it works. Plus, you have a phone, and skype- I always say that we have it so much better then our grandparents back in WWII. We are so spoiled. Don't worry, it will fly by. There are plenty of people to keep you busy!
    Enjoy your last few days, and know that we can't WAIT to see you!