Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The road trip begins...

These past few days have been so busy for us! Josh's graduation was Thursday, then Friday morning we began our packing/cleaning process which lasted until 2am Sunday morning! We have been sleep deprived and coffee driven, but we got through it all...and surprisingly got along doing it!

We picked up one of my best friends Michelle and her husband from airport on Sunday and headed straight to San Francisco for a couple of days. Michelle brought her labtop and has wireless internet so we're able to get on the internet while on the road...which is what I'm doing now...how "nifty"! It will definitely made some of the long journeys go by a little faster.

San Fran was great...I was glad we were able to go there before we had left Cali. Definitely one of the best cities that I have ever visited...not that I've been to tons. I have many pictures of course but most are on facebook. Here are a couple of great ones though...

There are many many more on facebook, but those were just some of my favorites.

For now we are on the first leg of our road trip back. We are headed to Los Angeles right now to do a little bit of sight seeing, and then we'll drive straight to Las Vegas for the night.

The hardest part was leaving Josh earlier today. He did such a great job of making sure Ani and I were all set. It was hard walking out of our empty apartment. It will always be the first place we lived in...its where we molded our little family and experienced our first months as a married couple. I'll always remember it.

I'll try to update as we go along, but if I'm not able to...SWEET HOME ALABAMA here I come!!!

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  1. So, I've been getting the updates. Sounds like it was an eventful trip! I am so sorry.
    Glad you are finally "home" safe. One day at a time, right? See you soon!