Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home??

The problem with not blogging after one exciting adventure, is that after that, something else exciting happens that you should blog about. But you don't, therefore a lot of eventful things happened, and you stare at your blank blog screen wondering where to start. So...where to start...

I've been back "home" for about 3 weeks now. It started with a road trip to L.A., then Las Vegas, then passing through the Hoover Dam, to get to the Grand Canyon. Then to Texas to eat the most amazing steak ever. A breakdown followed that about an hour outside of Oklahoma City. We got repaired, and then made the rest of the trip to Georgia. I stopped in Alabama for the week and spent it with my parents and little brother and sister. Then I went to my friend Michelle's where we met up with some our old friends for a "girls night out." We laughed, reminisced, and had a great time. Then me and my little sidekick went to her dad and stepmom's wedding. From there I went to my older sister's house where I sit now. Believe me, I have plenty of pictures to show, and I WILL get to them...just not right this second.

I've been busy loving on everyone that I have missed. I've stayed busy catching up on everyone's lives. We celebrated Anistyn's 5th birthday, I watching my brother and sister in their choir concerts. I watched my nephew play a baseball game and graduate kindergarten. I've spent this week watching my 1 year old niece Finley who I have missed. Basically...I've kept myself busy.

But at night, when I am exhausted from my busy days, I get into bed and just can't sleep. There's this empty space next to me. That person that hogs the covers, and kicks me in his sleep. The person that brings me coffee when I wake up in the morning...and he knows just how I like my coffee.

Of course, since he is still in the country, we get to talk pretty regularly, depending on our schedules. I still hear from him everyday, and everyday I look forward to it.

I am so fortunate to be able to be here with my family while he's gone. I think I would surely be going crazy without them. I've revisited places that were home to me before I got married. But...8 months ago, home became wherever Josh and I are together. Alabama and Georgia will always be my first home. My family and friends are here. Josh's family and friends are here. Our "roots" will always be in these places. But "home" is wherever we are together. So, although I adore where I am now, I won't be "home" until him, me, and Anistyn are together again. Which by the way, is taking a really long time to figure out!

Next week I'll head to Rome to stay with my in-laws and I'm sure we'll have plenty to do! I'm also trying to NOT count down the days until July 2nd...when Josh comes for a 4 day weekend!

I am staying true to my "cry when I need to cry...then get on with my day" routine. Its been working for me thus far. I am not depressed, nor do I mope around everywhere with tissue. I have fun. I enjoy everyone one I am with. I just can't wait to see him. I'd say I'm doing pretty good so far!

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  1. Somehow I never saw this post. Well said Tara. I am so glad that you understand that so completely already - home will never be a place again. Never. Home is the three of you (and maybe more someday...) wherever you are at the moment. That is just the way it is.
    I am sorry that you are having to go through separation so early in your marriage - but we survived it, and in fact were strengthened by it. You can too.
    Cry when you need, sleep with an extra pillow to try to fill up that empty spot in the bed, and remember that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
    Don't forget, you can call me anytime.