Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun...

Ah...blogland...how I've missed you. I've been away due to much moving around...and not having a consistent computer with me. That is all changed now...thanks to one of my best friends, Shannon. She had an extra labtop that she wasn't using...and has let me borrow it until Josh is back and I can claim his again...haha. So now...I am at my in-laws and so excited that I get internet in the downstairs apartment!

We've still been on the move...which is fun, but tiresome. We went to my friend Michelle's, then back to Birmingham to see my family. Then back to Rome where my in-laws took me and Anistyn to the cabin last weekend and we all took Anistyn to Babyland! It was great...I have the best memories visiting there as a child...and now I took mine. I love doing things with Anistyn that I did as a kid...and seeing them from an adult perspective, while seeing them through her eyes at the same time.

For those who don't know, we have been stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Ga. We took a road trip over there a few weeks ago and were put on the waiting list for housing on post. We went there to look on and off post...but were sold with living on post. The community seems great, everyone was so unbelievably nice, and Anistyn will be going to an amazing school on post. I am so excited to get there and get settled in OUR home!

In the meantime, I am counting down the days til my love gets here! We're in the single digits now! I find it odd that time has seemed to go by pretty fast...up until now! We get to spend two days all to ourselves and I just can't wait to see my best friend again.

After that, its crunch time to get ready to head to Augusta in August. We have to be there for Ani to start school. I took her to the doctor last Monday where she had 3 shots...she was such a trooper. I took her to McDonalds to make up for it...even though she did great! She is in the clear to start kindergarten...which is worth a whole blog in itself. When, oh when, did my little girl grow up?

After the doctor's appointment Monday, I officially became Tara Marie Freeman...with a long overdue trip to the social security office. Today I helped my MIL refurbish a dresser for Josh and me. I sanded down 3 layers of paint...but was very proud of myself! Then I got to hop on their riding lawn mower and go for a little spin all while cutting grass. All in all, its been a great week thus far.

I believe I will end my rant here...but I will be putting up pictures soon!

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  1. Single digits already?! All right. I am jealous of you getting to drive the riding mower. I have always wanted to do that. Of course, after about five minutes in the heat, I would probably take back that wish... still, it can't be worse then a push mower. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Can't wait to see pictures.