Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break weekend...

Here in Augusta, people are a little scared to venture out of their houses this week...

Why you ask?

Its Masters week! I have heard a lot of people say how crazy it gets around here and that its best to just try to avoid going many places. They even schedule spring break during masters week so that school traffic and such isn't a problem.

So with that, Anistyn was super excited on Friday that her spring break had begun! We started it by taking in an extra dog for the weekend. My friend Sara and her husband had gone to Atlanta for the weekend and asked if we would mind keeping their puppy, Wrangler. So Saban has had a little friend this weekend which he has loved!

Then Saturday my best friend Kelly and her son Caleb came for a visit. We have great neighbors here who, between the two of them, have 7 kids! So the kids spent all day Saturday and Sunday outside eating up all that fresh air and running off all of that kid energy!

Sunday, Kelly and I took a trip to Target to finish my baby registry. It was soooo much fun! We were both gushing at all the baby stuff. I can't wait to see the baby that will be occupying all of the things!

Also, just like I said...Josh's schedule has changed to full on nights now. He started the new schedule last night, going in around 6 for PT and then work...and not getting home until 7am this morning (at least I think...I was a little out of it!) We'll see how it goes, but at least he gets an extra day off of work now!

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  1. I was picking out pictures on Snapfish today and ordered a couple for you too. I have a few of the three of ya'll from Christmas that are just priceless. Now I will just have to remember to actually send them to you!
    As for baby shopping... I have been having fun here! Britton is going to be well dressed.