Saturday, September 26, 2009


This week I've been trying to figure out the best way to get Anistyn and me to California. Between, a u haul, gas, can be pricey. My best friend Michelle's husband had offered for the two of them to come with me to help. Shane would drive the u haul and I would drive the blazer. Then we thought about pulling the blazer on the u haul and us flying...just tossing ideas back and forth.

Yesterday I got a call from a guy that worked for a moving company. For a really great price, they'll do everything. Pick up the furniture, pack it up, drive across the country, unpack it...and anything else. There aren't any added on extras for gas or anything like that. I thought it was a great deal. Then I asked them how much it would be to for them to take the blazer with them...and its super expensive to tote a car. Which means I'll have to drive out there. I have no problem driving to Cali, and would prefer it...I hate flying! My only problem is that I don't want to drive across country alone with my daughter. So, I now have come up with a across country with my mother!

For some it might not be a big deal...but I am excited about the trip! I love my mom and she's going to be the hardest good-bye when we leave. She's my best friend. I know we'll have a blast on the trip and maybe get a day or so of sight seeing in California before she has to leave.

Now just to finalize everything...and find a place to live. Which I hope we can soon...I'm so ready to be with my husband!

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  1. That is always a tough decision - it doesn't get easier, even when you have been in the military for awhile, because chances are you will be moving without him around at some time or another, even in later years!
    As long as you get approved for a DITY move, you will make a profit doing it yourself, but it is a LOT of labor - so it might be worth it to hire someone else. Also, you should be able to claim milage and gas driving across country, as long as he is approved to have a vehicle out there. Have him ask. You do have to turn in receipts for everything, so keep them ALL!