Monday, February 8, 2010

And another one...

We set out today for another playdate. The other group that I met up with last week was great, but I really wanted to meet some moms with kids Anistyn's age. The great thing about that playgroup is that they are packed with great activities for the kids and moms. I'm really glad I'm a member of it, and if I could find some kids Anistyn's age that could join the group then we could all go to all the activities they have and all of our kids could play together.

So I had met Kelly through the website. Her husband is in the Navy and she has a daughter who is Anistyn's age and a 2 year old little boy. I really liked meeting a mom one on one, versus the whole big group shin dig. It just gave us a chance to REALLY talk...and I thought she was great! I didn't take a lot of pictures for once...and ya know why? Because I was way too busy talking!

While we were busy with our girl chats, our daughters were getting along great. They were both shy at first, but they quicky came out of their shells and took to each other really well. I have to add in the playground we went far the coolest playground I have ever been to. Here's the only picture I managed to catch of Anistyn:
Yes, thats her on top of the sun...with a slide underneath it. It was so much...there's a hang glider, maze...all sorts of great things to do!

We ended our play session and Ani and I took the long bus trek home. We've already agreed to meet Wednesday at the library for a kids story time. And another mom is coming with her daughter who is 4 too...I'm really looking forward to it.

It felt great to get out this morning...and not get back home until it was almost time for Josh to get home! Such a great and full day!

And on another husband is not only incredibly handsome...but oh so smart too! His tests that he had today went great! I am so so extremely proud of him! He isn't much for I'll do it for him!


  1. I fixed my technical difficulties, so I can comment again - yeah!!
    So glad to hear you are connecting with moms. That makes life so much easier. The sooner you begin to link with other military wives, the easier military life will be. I am so proud!
    I'm proud of Josh too. Keep bragging so we can know what he is up too. Did you write Ellen and tell her too?

  2. I would, but I let Josh be the one to tell them...since its his work, he deserves to hear the congratulations! We were busy last night, so hopefully he'll call them tonight, if its not too late when he gets home!