Monday, February 15, 2010

As the kids would say....I am too cool for school...

Before you read the the first paragraph and think I am stuck sure to keep reading to clarify!

I am the coolest, most amazing person in this world. Everything that I do is amazing. There is nothing that I am not good at, and nothing that is short of greatness. I am drop dead gorgeous, and just down right cool.

This is certainly not how I see myself...or how others see me. But through the eyes of my little 4 year old daughter...this is what I am.

Others might say that I should think more before I speak.

I might think that I tend to overanalyze...and worry too much.

But Anistyn...well, she just sees all the good in me. And she thinks I am just amazing. The other day she was trying to jump rope and was having a hard time. So, she asked me to show her, and I did. What came after my successful jump roping was a wide eyed little girl filled with amazement at what her mother had just done. I was such a great jump roper!

I get these remarks, as I'm sure plenty of parents do. "You're the best mommy ever." After I've tucked her in to bed. "You're the best cook ever"...after I've just made hot dogs.

It won't last long. One day she'll grow up, and realize that along with her mother, I'm a person who has made mistakes and done things I'm not proud of. One day we might argue, and sometimes as a teenager she might not like me very much. I hope she never thinks that way...but teenage girls are a breed of their own.

So for right now, I'm going to hang on to her thinking I am the amazing person that she thinks I am. I am going to keep on doing things to make her look at me with bewilderment at what I've just accomplished. It might be a little selfish...but hey, I like her thinking I am too cool for school.


  1. You are so right - I would love to really BE the perfect person they think I am!!

  2. Oh, what a precious sentiment. This is a wonderful age.
    I actually think my Mommy is "too cool for school" once again. Thankfully the teenage years don't last very long!
    Thanks for sharing this happy thought. Makes me want to go kiss my kids while they sleep.