Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, bath time came and went. Phone calls to people wishing her a good day tomorrow. We layed out her outfit for tomorrow (a dress from Grammy and Poppy). We said our prayers together. I tucked her in, kissed her and left my eager child to squirm in bed....not wanting to sleep because of so much excitement.

Her first day of kindergarten is tomorrow!!!

Oh, someone please tell me where the time goes. Where is this little girl?

As much as I miss those days...I equally look forward to her future.

In case you didn't notice...I adore this little girl. I love her with every fiber of my being. Watching her grow into the beautiful little girl she is now has been the most rewarding experience. She leaves me in awe sometimes...with her quick mind and attention to detail. I absolutely cannot wait to see her little mind grow and be a witness to all that is possible for her.

I will be sure to post pictures and update on her first day of kindergarten! I know she will do wonderful...and thankully I will have my grandmother there to distract me! I know mommy will shed some tears...not only because of the separation, but for all of the good things that I wish for her.

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