Monday, August 23, 2010


This weekend was a relaxing one for me and my little schooler. We spent some time with our friends Nikki and Kaytlin...and got to know some of our other neighbors. Yes...I said neighbors! Not officially..but in 11 days they will be! But...whose counting?

Saturday evening was spent outside having a mini block party outside. All of us adults chatted and got to know each other while the little ones rode bikes, roller skated, drew with chalk...that sort of thing.

In the midst of it though, my little one made quite the accomplishment. One that might not be major to any other person...but in my mommy eyes it was definitely enough to run inside and snatch the camera.

Anistyn wanted to attempt to roller skate on her own! We've been to the skating rink, but she's always had mommy's hand to guide her. This time though, she was bound and determined to do it herself.

At first, she was pretty nervous. I gave her intructions on how to move her legs, even showed her as much as I could with having no skates on myself. Then, we took off, while I was holding onto both of her hands. A little while later when she was comfortable, we were down to one hand. Then, before you knew it, she was on her own with mommy following close behind in case she almost fell.

So much like actual parenting isn't it? You give your child verbal instructions on what to even show them with your own actions. Then, when they're ready to take off on their own, you help them take those baby steps toward the right direction. You hold on with both hands. When they're a little more comfortable, you hold on with just one hand. After that, when they're strong enough to conquer it let go and watch them as they blossom. All that help, all that instruction, the time that you took to invest into teaching them...and you get to sit back and watch them take what they've learned and use it all on their own. You stand closely behind them, observing...should they ever fall. And if they do catch them. Dust them off, give another encouraging pep talk and maybe a few more pointers, and send them off to try again.

One of the proudest moments a parent can have is working hard towards a goal with their child...and then seeing their child reach that goal. Whether its life...or roller skating.

This parenting gig...there really is nothing better, is there?


  1. Tara that was beautifully written. It choked me up. I can't wait to become a parent to experience these moments.

  2. Oh, I totally missed this post. I am so glad you told me about it on the phone today. Perfectly expressed! Sometimes letting go and letting them fall is hard - but knowing that we have taught them well has to suffice, and seeing the pride in their eyes when they do succeed - well, that is priceless!
    She looks like she had a blast!