Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am feeling quite proud of myself right now for organizing a major part of my life...paperwork.

This past week I have ran all over the place getting things settled. Monday it was transportation who had me in a frenzy. I left them with a headache and an appointment for Friday. Tuesday it Tricare who had more paperwork for me and didn't want to have anything to do with my daughter until it was complete. Wednesday and Thursday  were spent trying to get through all the paperwork for after school care for Anistyn once I get a job. JUST after school care and I had a tough time with it. Friday was my appointment with transportation and the daycare...and I STILL have an orientation and things to tie up loose ends. 

I have been traveling all around base with a poor, overused binder full of all of the necessary paperwork that these lovely people use. Everything they could possibly want from me. Birth certificates, LES, DEERS, ERB, marriage name it...I got it. And slowly...this binder has been getting fuller and fuller. When someone asks for something....I dig and dig, until the right piece of paper is there. all changed.

Here is my before I took everything out of the binder and tried to get it situated. IS a lot!

And how would one organize such a mess as this? this:

Voila! Every single piece of paper that I need is neatly organized is my little file folder that I can carry with me everywhere! Maybe this would not seem like a huge accomplishment for a normal person...but for this UNorganized military wife right here...I was very proud of myself!

No more digging through that poor folder for me!

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  1. And it is pretty and pink!
    Congrats on the organization. It feels good to get something done, doesn't it?! I need to re-do all of ours, since everything changes every few years and needs updated. Thanks for the reminder!