Friday, September 10, 2010

Heart tugs

I have been a mother for over 5 years now. I know just a little bit about parenting. Not a ton, and there are many mothers who know plenty more than me. But I would like to think I know just a little. I know the ups and downs of least for the first 5 years anyways. The years to come are things that, no matter how many books you read or people you talk to, you just have to take one day at a time and learn the best way you can.

I do know that every single day you spend with your child, there is something to learn. I also know that every parent and child gets into a routine of sorts. Anistyn and I definitely have our way of doing things that works for us. We're not rookies at this little team we have going on. I know that there are plenty of things I do for her that I I help her brush her teeth. I pick out her clothes. I drive her to school. I make her dinner. I "yes" her and "no" her and scold her and hug her. I get upset with her, I laugh with her. Its all just a part of the parenting cycle.

We always have the "mandatory" parenting duties. The cooking, the cleaning, the bathing, the scolding, the teaching. Round and round we go as we try to mold these little minds into decent human beings. Many times I lay down at night completely exhausted from my efforts with that little girl. But there are some times...some little moments during any various activity...or no activity at all....that just pull at your heart strings. Little moments that make you almost cry as you think to yourself "Man...they are so worth it." 

I see it during different times myself. First thing in the morning, Anistyn wakes up...first very sleepy and unsure for the first few moments of "waking up." Then her eyes gain their composure and focus in on me...and she smiles. That "Oh...there's mommy" smile. Melts my heart every single time. I get my heart strings pulled again when she accomplishes something. Completing her homework for instance and seeing the different ways she is growing. 

Today...I had my heart strings pulled big time. I don't think it was exactly a "pull" either...more like a giant tug. I cherished the proud. The pride that I felt for that tiny little girl...oh, that would make a grown man cry. 

Today was the Freedom Walk at her school. I mentioned it in the blog I posted yesterday. The school was having it to commemorate all the lives lost, as well as all of the heroes that were involved in 9/11. Now there are many times where dealing with military things can be a little frustrating. The waiting. The paperwork. The lack of knowing. The paperwork. Missing your spouse. The paperwork. I think you understand what my biggest frustration is...haha. But events like today...that's when you can take a step back and say "Wow...its worth it." 

At the event, they had someone from the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. They all marched to flag pole where they hung the flag together. Once the flag was hung, MY little girl, along with 3 other children all gathered in front of the large crowd, and led us in the pledge of allegiance. I was just so very very proud of her! I was able to record I hope the video works on here!

What might seem silly to some...oh, it was a huge ordeal in our house! Sometimes, for really special occasions, I will braid Anistyn's hair the night before, all of little braids. Just like my mom used to do when I was little. You do this on wet hair and let her sleep on it,and the next morning it is beautiful and wavy! A definite must for any little princess.

After the pledge, we sang the National Anthem together, then a couple of kids read some speeches about 9/11. It still makes me cry. Then the principal spoke and the first thing she said was "I sure am proud to be an American!" Oh, the cheers and praise that came. So great to be at a military post school and hear all the military families applauding. Then, a moment of silence around the whole base. While we were all quiet, the military police had sirens going off...not just outside the school, but there were sirens going off all around the base. Then came the walk, where we all walked around the whole school waving flags. I was really happy to be a part of it.

                       Here she is all ready to get to school. Wavy hair, and red, white, and blue!

 Waiting to say the Pledge. I mean, I know I'm biased when it comes to her...but she cute or WHAT!
                                                                 Putting the flag up
                                                    Hanging the flag at half mast.
                                               Getting ready to walk around the school!

                                                    Love that little walk...such a little diva!

Some of the military police...keeping us in line...haha.
I love that Anistyn was a part of this. I love being a major part of her life. So often though, its easy to get caught up in day to day life. Doing the things that you just do...because you have to. Little moments like these though...gosh, they are just so worth it. Nothing for you. Nothing selfish. Its nothing you can hold, like money, or a car. Its just a simple tug. That lets you are doing the right thing...being that child's parent. Because seeing them just doesn't get any better than that.

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  1. What a big girl! I am so proud of her, and so glad she was able to be a part of that.
    You are right - it just doesn't get any better then that.