Thursday, September 9, 2010

New house!

Every night this week I've curled up in bed with my laptop and said "I need to update my blog about my our new house!" Then, after that thought I remember that I yet again, forgot to take pictures...until now! 

Friday morning I met with the leasing agent and signed away on our townhouse and so far...I love it! Sure...there's no furniture...but hey, whose complaining. After 4 months of being somewhat of a gypsy...not this girl! I popped out the obligatory air mattress which I am beginning to see is in every military wife's possession. I have actually kept mine stored in our car this whole time. Hey, you never know! 

My awesome in-laws came on Saturday to bring us our washer/dryer...and set us up with some things that will help us until all of our things get here. What would I do without them? Not have clean clothes...that's for sure! My mother-in-law and I put together the table that is now in my breakfast nook while my father-in-law set up the washer and dryer for me. I am sooo very grateful for them! 

Now...onto the pictures!

Here is the outside of the townhouse.

                                      My table for our little breakfast nook that I just adore!

                                                                        The kitchen


                        This is the dining room and living room...or it can just be one huge room.
                                                I think you can guess whose room this is....

                                                        And....mine and Josh's room!

            I have a lot more pictures of the place on my facebook, I just didn't want to post ALL of them on here! Our things should get here on or before the its looking pretty bare for now. We'll still need to get some living room furniture and eventually some dining room furniture too. I think I might just wait until Josh gets here for all of that though. We've looked at a few things online, but I think I might just wait so we can go shopping for it together.

I love it though...and am pleasantly surprised, given all the horror stories you hear about living on post! I have great neighbors, and its really peaceful at night. You don't hear a thing, and you would think you would with so many people around you. Maybe its the fear of the mp's? Or its probably because everyone's days start so early around here!

Tomorrow is a big day for Anistyn. We are doing a Freedom Walk at her school in the morning to commemorate all the lives that were lost in 9/11. There will be a moment of silence, as well as some speeches. AND Anistyn was picked to say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of everyone with another classmate! I don't know if its just the two of them, or a group...but she's so excited! We have been practicing for the past two days! I am going to try to record it on my camera so that I can hopefully post it!

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  1. It looks great! Like you and meaning to take pictures, I keep meaning to call you. Every night I think "where did the day go, and how did I not get Tara called?!"
    How exciting for Ani to get to say the pledge. Do try to get it on video.. I would love to see it.
    Can't wait till Josh gets there and it is really a home.