Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

Well, these have just been a couple of busy busy weeks! We are doing a pretty good job of settling into our new home...and loving it! After a few mishaps, our things from California FINALLY came yesterday!! Woohoo! There's only one thing thats different this time...I have to unpack by myself...haha! Today was busy since I've been sick and been needing to deal with that over the tomorrow will be my first full fledged day of getting everything in order! So...this is what it looks like as of now:

Yikes! And that is just the living/dining room! It does look like things have been ripped out of boxes...and that's because, well, they have. The movers were supposed to be here around 2 and silly me thought they actually would be! I know, what was this silly military wife thinking?? So, they arrived instead at 6. My grandmother thankfully was there to help with Anistyn while I helped the movers. Once the movers left, she had dinner ready for us. silverware! I had had plastic silverware that I kept washing, but since I figured I would have had plenty of things unpacked by dinnertime, I threw them away! So...I had to go on a hunt for silverware. Only, I STILL couldn't find I had to ask our nice neighbor for some to borrow! I finally found the silverware a duffel bad, buried in a box! 

Thankfully, the unpacking messes do not overwhelm me, and I really don't mind doing it all. There's something about knowing that Josh will be home soon...and wanting to get our house in order for him...I just love that! Of course, while unpacking, I have realized that there are two people in this house who have an abundance of knick knacks...and neither of them are me! Haha.

This week at Anistyn's school they are promoting reading, so they have had a theme each day. Monday was "Hats off to reading" so everyone got to wear a hat.    Tuesdays theme was "Team up to read" so the kids got to dress in their favorite jerseys. Wednesday was "Reading in never tacky" so the kids wore....tacky clothes! This was Anistyn's selection for tacky day.

It is a little tacky...but I think she still just looks cute!

We can "officially" start a countdown on Josh coming home! I didn't want to do a countdown before because it was far off and I wanted to make it go by as fast as possible! But now that its only a month away...I think I can make it that far! Josh has been doing great in his class and I am so proud of him for getting soldier of the month!! He worked so hard at it! 

Everything seems to falling into place perfectly. I've been going through all the boxes of things that have been stored up for months. Getting out our pictures, his clothes, different things...the timing couldn't be better. As I'm putting away this or that...I feel like I'm making the way for our family to be back together again. And I sure will be glad to see him in person instead of like this!

Lovely skype photos!

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  1. my hubbys in the navy and yes skype photos are amazing!! lol. ur sweet and i like your blog so far. hope u will check mine out some day! u seem very happily married. and your daughter is so cute haha. tinkerbell is the bomb according to my younger sister who is 7. keep in touch and i will too!