Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A year already...

Has it really already been a year?

I went back down memory lane for a bit just looking at our wedding pictures. I couldn't help but remember exactly how I felt then and smile. The butterflies, the excitement, the wonder of what was to come. And so madly in love with this man. A year later...and I still feel that way. 

Now...I know, I know...a year isn't a lifetime. But to me, its a milestone. The first year is a growing year. Its the year when you start learning to live with your spouse...even if you really only got to live with them for 7 months out of that year. You learn if he drinks milk out of the carton and grosses you out (he doesn't!). You learn who the "ocd" cleaner is (neither...haha). You learn that she likes it when you make coffee first thing in the morning (he caught on quick:)) You also learn that neither of you are morning people. Whether its learning something that is deep and secretive, or just learning what kind of toothpaste you both like....its learning. Learning how to share your life with the person who will be your partner throughout your life. THAT makes it a milestone.

Today of course...we are not able to celebrate together. Josh is still training in Texas while I'm here in Augusta. I had strict instructions to NOT leave the house though. Of course, this on the day when Anistyn had early release from school! That afternoon though, the doorbell rang and the nice FedEx lady handed me a box of course.

I just adore him. If all of our other year together are anything like this first one...I'll be one happy old lady one day. Bumps will come. Disagreements will occur. Sometimes, we won't see eye to eye on everything. We're human...and we're two different people. But I believe this first year...this learning year...was a great way to start things off on the right track. 

As for Josh...there are no words to describe what he is to me. I simply adore him. As a husband, a father, as a man. I believe in him and respect him. He's my very best friend....and I can't wait to see what the future brings for us and our family!

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  1. Congratulations again. I can't wait to see what the next years bring - they are always full of adventure!
    Those Freeman boys are pretty good about remembering flowers, and important dates. Getting them in the right place to celebrate the important date... well, the Freeman wives have to learn to be content with "make up" dates!
    Better luck next year!