Sunday, November 14, 2010

BIG news!

Now, what could possibly be so important that I just HAD to write a whole other blog post for? It would have to be something exciting. Something amazing. Well...yes and yes. Here it is...


It was VERY soon and although we figured it would happen soon...I was not expecting it NOW!

Last Wednesday I was on the phone with a friend and we were gabbing about all that girly ovulation stuff. She told me to just go ahead and take a test...I laughed and said "No way!" After a little more bugging though...I caved! I went ahead and took a test...and was I surprised!

The test had a faint...but visible second line! My camera is not wanting to work...but I googled it and found a picture of what it looked like!

It looked just like this...where you can barely see it...but its there! I was shaking and kept asking myself "Is it?? Is it??!!! Naturally, my next notion was to tell Josh. I wanted to tell him in a cute way...but come on. I have a big mouth! And with him being on leave...he was quick to keep asking "Hey...what are you doing??"

So I finally went up and said "I need to show you something...." and whipped out the test. He was shocked too, but we had a great moment of being shocked and laughing together...because the hugs and kisses came!

I immediately wanted to go to the store to get a digital test, so we did. But when I came home and took it, it said I wasn't pregnant. So I was very confused and unsure. I'm not very good at I went ahead and marched up to the family clinic where I got a blood test done. I mean...I HAD to know! They took my bloodwork and told me they would call in two hours for the results. Those were VERY long hours! I kept watching the clock and was getting ready to call them, when they finally called announcing that I WAS pregnant! So once again...Josh and I had another round of excited hugs!

I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday to get my prenatal vitamins and talk about the pregnancy. I am so excited for all of this. So far, I feel great! I don't feel pregnant at all, aside from one nap I've had to have. I've been googling and if my calculations are right...I'm 5 weeks pregnant. And yes...Josh has only been home for 3 weeks, but did you know they start counting pregnancy from the date of your last period? Weird...I don't remember that! But hey...I'll take the extra weeks!


  1. I totally got fussed at by Carrie that she had to find out on here, rather then from me.
    I love hearing your rendition of the story in written form. I can hear your voice telling it as I read. We are very excited around here.