Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend fun...

Our little family has been pretty busy lately. This was Josh's first weekend back working...although basically its just a ton of in processing.

Last Saturday though, we took a family day since it was my birthday. Since we don't have any family pictures done at all...and really haven't taken a lot since our was the perfect opportunity to go and get some done!

Anistyn was hilarious through the whole thing...striking a pose before the photographer could even ask her to. I think we have a little model on our hands! We got some amazing shots of well as all of us! The girl that took the photos already put them up on facebook, so I thought I would go ahead and share some.

                                                            This one is my favorite!!

                                                 I can't get enough of those eyes!

We went to this really cool place to take the photos. Its called the Savannah Rapids Pavillion. Just a little outdoor family place...with a playground, running trails that run all the way to downtown Augusta, and the Savannah river runs through there. So, after the shoot, we went down by the river where Josh tried to teach Anistyn to skip rocks. I got in on the fun too. Yesterday my arm was sore from all the throwing...I'm such a wimp! We did have a competition to see who could make a rock skip multiple times...and I have to give that award to Josh.

Afterwards we got to come home and after dinner we ate some birthday cake that Josh made for me. Great birthday with my favorite people!

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  1. I still can't post on your baby blog. :( I too dealt with AWFUL sickness. has been so bad up until just a couple of weeks ago. I went through a prescription of Zofran and when it ran out I asked for more. Well. they wouldn't give me another script for it until I tried something else. they gave me Reglan and I was SURE it wouldn't work, nothing had ever worked except Zofran (phernergan was a joke to me). SO ANYWAY about two weeks after they gave me the Reglan I actually got it filled (I had a week or two where I thought it was gone then it came back worse than ever) and the Reglan has worked EVEN BETTER than Zofran ever did! So...anyway..I know this is long..but just something to consider. Different things work for different people. Hope you aren't miserable during Christmas! I didn't keep any food down all day on Thanksgiving but it was because we had a stomach bug and I'd been so sick I didn't even think that's what it was until I wasted about 6 pills throwing them up every time. YUCK!