Sunday, November 14, 2010

New beginnings....

Oh, we've been such busy people this past month and I have LOTS to update everyone on!

So...once again, I will start from the beginning, and I will also have to split this into two separate blogs!

Josh FINALLY came home on Friday, October 22nd! My grandmother took Anistyn for the weekend so we that we could have some time to ourselves! I was so extremely excited to see him! I took that whole day to clean and primp myself. Hey, we might be married...but you STILL wanna look good for your man, right? 

We spent Saturday furniture shopping and looking at things to decorate our house with eventually. We even wandered into Petsmart because we had been thinking of getting a dog...which we DID!

The next week, Josh brough a puppy home for us, which he had gotten from a friend in Rome. We named him Saban...perfect name for this Alabama fan! However, the next day...Saban got really sick. He wouldn't touch food...or water. He looked like he could go at any moment. We took him to the Pet ER, where it was announced  that he had parvo. For those of you who don't know what parvo is, its basically a disease that eats away at the organs and intestines and can easily kill an animal. Its prevented with their routine shots...but Saban had not had his. We had already made him an appointment for Monday...but he already had it.

The doctor told us that they could admit Saban for....1200 dollars for the FIRST night...then 400 dollars per day after that...and he would need to be there for a minimum of 5 days! Josh and I just looked at each other with these "uuuhhh..." looks. Finally, I asked the vet if there was a plan b! Thankfully there was. We could take Saban and all of his medication home and administer them ourselves. It would still mean only a 50/50 chance...but he would have had that in the hospital as well.

So for the next week, we had to give Saban an IV 2 times a day, along with other shots. For an animal was so sad to have to do this to the poor baby. Once you stuck him with the IV, you had to let it drain into his system, which caused his shoulders to swell with the fluid. Once it was done, there were two or three other shots to give him, plus oral medicine. He was a fighter though and he made it through! He is now one happy, healthy puppy...and an instant part of our family!

We've enjoyed having Josh home and getting back into our family routine. He's been on leave, so its been great to have him actually be able to much as he can! He's such a hard worker, and after not getting much of a break these past 2 years, it took him awhile to actually be ABLE to relax! But, thats just something I love about him. Definitely not a slacker! And hey...our house is coming together thanks to him!

We're getting ready for the holidays and excited to spend time with our families! on to the next blog post for more news!

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