Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun times!

My day today started at 5am this morning. It was one of Ani's school days and since we live about 20 minutes from her school and Josh's school too, I just decided I would spend the whole day in that part of town instead of wasting gas going back and forth. So, we were all out the door by 6. I dropped Josh off, then took Ani to school and then  I was ....BY MYSELF!!! Granted it was for 3 hours, but thats really all the time I need. So, I got a hot cup of coffee and headed to Target. I LOVE being able to do that. Not really going to buy things, but just looking. I looked at different things we could maybe decorate with, looked at some possible Christmas presents for Ani, and my personal favorite...I got lost in the book section. I now have a list of must reads.

Then, I went and picked up Anistyn from school. We grabbed some food and then headed to the beach for the afternoon. I love the path that they have to walk on right by the beach. As you walk along, you can search for seals, and any other other ocean life. They even have benches that you can sit on just to take in the different views. Anistyn adores it. Here are a few pictures of us at the beach!

Anistyn had to bring Kitty along of course.

There were seals laying out all along the rocks, so Anistyn was making her seal sound to try to get their attention. I think they knew she was an imposter;)

Here are the seals...they are so funny to watch! Anistyn and I will sit on a bench and make up voices pretending to be the seals...she thinks its hilarious.

She loves to she is  with seals and seagulls in the background!

Me and my princess...don't you just love the flower she picked for me...

What a great way to spend the day. Being a one car family means most of the time I'm at home, so I love when I'm able to get out! Now we're just two days away from Josh being on leave...and then all the busy-ness starts!


  1. What a wonderful day, and some great memories for Anistyn! How cool to be so close to the beach!!

  2. That really is a beautiful part of the world. I only spent about 48 hours there, but I certainly loved it. I am so glad you are getting to enjoy it.
    And of course, Target rules! You will have to share your "must read" list. I am always curious about what others are finding interesting.
    Enjoy the Christmas break, and all the busy-ness that comes with it. Fun times!
    P.S. Ani really is just absolutely adorable. In case you were wondering...