Friday, December 11, 2009

I did it.

I can't believe I did it.

I STILL can't believe what I did...or how I had the courage to do it. But I did.

I cut my daughter's hair. BY myself.

For those of you who don't daughter's hair is like a prized posession of mine. I think Anistyn is pretty much beautiful...and her long brown hair is as well. Before this, she had only had ONE haircut. And she's 4 and a half. I just have a hard time with her and hair cutting. To me...cutting her hair means she's getting older. Can't she just stay little forever?

Her first haircut was probably a year ago. She had precious baby curls still in and it was time to get rid of them. I didn't want to...I think I was pressured into it. I caved though, and took her to Desirae...the only person I would trust enough to cut my baby's hair. Desirae had told me to hold my hands at the bottom of Anistyn's hair in a cup shape so I could catch some of the baby curls so I could keep them. I did so, and a few cuts later Desirae looks up at me and says " can't keep ALL of the hair...". I'm just attached...

Of course, you can only deal with the cries that come with brushing out tangles for so long. Detanglers, conditioners, it all comes down to another haircut. So, I bravely made an attempt to cut it myself. My mother always cut our hair...well I have pictures to prove maybe I shouldn't use her as an example;)

Here is the princess before:

How much did I cut? This much:

The aftermath:

She is so very cute, isn't she?

In other news, we're just getting ready for Josh to be on leave!! He's been doing a ton of studying and school work lately. You would think they would take it easy on the guys before Christmas break, but its very much the opposite. Between tests and projects and other assignments it will be great when he can take a break from all of that for a little while!


  1. I think you can rest easy since it looks exactly the same. I'm impressed, though, MUCH better than any of our at home hair do's.

  2. Good job on the haircut! It looks cute!

  3. Great job momma. I cut the boys hair fairly often, but I don't think that counts as the same thing, since I just take a clipper and buzz it off!
    Don't know how I missed this post earlier - sorry it took me so long to comment!