Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busy Bees!

Wow, what a great past few days its been! I have a lot of updating to do, so here goes!

We had a great first Christmas together. Although Josh and I are just starting out and lets be honest, the military doesn't pay major bucks, its great see how we work together to pull together the best Christmas that we can. We had decided not to get each other presents this Christmas so that Anistyn could have enough. And really...we got what we wanted back in September.

Christmas Eve we went and picked up Josh's parents...Grammy and Poppy! They flew out here so we wouldn't be be alone for the holidays and we were happy to share it with them. We spent Christmas Eve night setting up. Anistyn even wrote Santa this letter:

In case you can't make out the writing it says: Dear Santa, Can I ride on your sleigh? Can mommy and Josh go too? I'd like to see Rudolph's shiny red nose. I've not been bad on Christmas. Love, Anistyn

Aaahhh...she's too cute. Santa wrote her a letter back...and on top of all the sweet things he told her, he also put in there that it would be GREAT if she would go to bed when her mommy and daddy asked her to.....we'll see if that helps!

Christmas morning we were all awake by 7am and ready to open presents!

Here's Anistyn checking out all of the presents!

Here she is trying on her slippers from Grammy and Poppy!

Christmas Day was spent playing games together, eating, and just having some quality time together! Since Grammy and Poppy were here for 5 days we got to do a lot of sight seeing! Since I grew up watching action flicks with my Papa Joe I had been wanting to go to Carmel to eat at Clint Eastwoods restaurant. Months ago Dane and Ellen had promised me a trip there...and they follow through on their promises!

This is the outside of the restaurant when you first walk in. It was a little chilly so opted to eat inside. Its so pretty! That Clint Eastwood...he can fight off bad people AND decorate a restaurant....what a guy!

Here's me chowing down on my Dirty Harry burger! My Papa Joe would have been so proud!

On Monday we decided to head to Monterey to take a walk along the Fisherman's Wharf. We walked a little ways stopping to see the sights as we went. We ended up at ANOTHER restaurant I had been wanting to go to...BUBBA GUMP'S!

What can I say? I'm a skinny chick who LOVES to eat! My poor Josh...he grunted at every picture he had to take...but with me AND his mother there....there was no way he was getting out of it!
I love love love how Bubba Gump's is set up. The little drink menu is a ping pong paddle and on the table there are lots of Forrest Gump quotes. The waitress comes around and asks Forrest Gump trivia and the place is loaded with different kinds of memorabilia. It made me want to watch the movie again! Oh, and we got all of the trivia right!

Here was our view from our table. I love sitting where you can see the water!

This was my favorite sign!

After some more walking we had to stop and take a picture by this fountain. It was cold so me and Anistyn got new hats thanks to Grammy and Poppy!

We had a great visit with Dane and Ellen. They even made us some Ukranian food one night which was great. We dropped them off at the aiport tonight so it will be months before we're able to see them again.

In the morning we're off to San Francisco. One of my best friends Kelly is coming in with her little boy, Caleb! I am SOOOO excited to see them! We'll be able to spend the day in San Fran together so I can't wait!

And what did we do tonight while it was just the three of is? We rocked out.

Man, I love my life!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all!! Have fun in San Fran. Kev & I love it there! (We got engaged there, so it really holds a special place in our hearts!!)

  2. what fun! That looks like such a cool restaurant (the clint eastwood one)

  3. Oh what fun. I really enjoyed Bubba Gumps in San Fran. The Clint Eastwood one looks beautiful, rustic, but still elegant somehow.
    D and E made Ukrainian food for us too - yum yum!
    I was reading the blog to Andy and he laughed at the comment about Josh and pictures. He said, "Sounds like me". Neither of the brothers like to have their picture taken - what is it about men and cameras?
    I love the pic of ya'll rockin out. That looks like a fun family afternoon.
    Have fun with your friend and eventually we'll get around to talking!