Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season...

The last few days have been somewhat hectic since we are just now starting our Christmas shopping. We didn't have the time before this though, since Josh had a load of tests before his break started. This past weekend we were able to get some of the shopping done. Tomorrow we're going to drop Anistyn off at school and get everything for her!

On Saturday, Santa came to the office of our apartment complex. The ladies that run the office there are very involved and love having little get togethers. Anistyn gets so shy around Santa. I asked her why she didn't want to talk to him and she said "I really do like him...I just get so nervous!" Here is my "shy" daughter and Santa though!

Ahhh...well, Anistyn said next year she would talk to I'll hold her to that. I am very excited about this week. Josh's parents are coming in on Christmas Eve...then its our first Christmas as a family...and one of my best friend's Kelly is coming next week! So I have a lot to look forward to. In the meantime we are just enjoying having Josh around all the time!

(Anistyn took this picture...and while it looks like Josh is lovingly looking up at me...he's actually trying to get my head to hit the ceiling...haha)

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  1. Oh, that is such a Freeman thing to do. Those boys! Beat him Tara. Actually, mine is ticklish, so that is how I win... but he is still way bigger, so the fight is not fair.
    Looks like ya'll are having fun.