Monday, January 11, 2010


As 2009 was coming to a close, and the new year just beginning it got me thinking about my resolutions. I'm not one to honestly make I'm not very good with following through on them. Obviously there have been a few changes in my life that happened in 2009, so I really have just been sitting back the last couple weeks and thinking...what do I really want in 2010?

Obviously I want to be a good wife and mother, but thats a given. I strive to be happy and content in the present day. But what would help me come to be that way, everyday? Naturally, there are "bad days" that everyone has, as well as certain areas in their life that they would like to improve.

My friend Terri has a great blog that I love to read. I just LOVE her New Year's goal. To make sure to spend time PLAYING with her kids everyday. I just loved the easy is it to get distracted, or downright lazy, and not make time to play with our children, who are only young once? I know I am guilty of it. I am home with Anistyn everyday, and while I love it, I couldn't remember if we play every single day together.

In one of Terri's blogs she posted a link to this OTHER blogger, who had great ideas in starting new goals for a new year. You can read it here. I love how the blogger says that winter is a time for reflection. Thats exactly how I've felt the past few weeks. Over the holidays its always so crazy and busy, its hard to have a moment to sit back and think of goals for the new year. Instead of rushing to make goals, use the first couple of months to reflect, and then use the spring to act on them.

My ultimate goal is to be as stress free as I can. To not harp on the small things and just be happy. To make my husband and daughter happy and to make our home a place of comfort and enjoy every moment that is given to us. There are on doubt other goals that I will be setting for myself, but overall that is what Is strive for.

Oh, and Terri...PLEASE keep posting all of the wonderful links for crafts with kids and so on. I just love them!

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  1. I will if you will keep it up on your bloggy adventures!