Thursday, January 21, 2010


Its been awhile since I last wrote a blog, so I guess its time for some updates. Last week was hectic for Josh. He had to work Monday through Thursday from super early in the morning, until 7:30 at night...which didn't put him at home until 8. He's a trooper, and by the time Friday rolled around we were excited for our four day weekend. Him, so that he could actually rest...and all of us so we could spend time together!

Since we had four days together, I had wanted to get out of the house and do something fun together, while not spending a lot of money, as most families are trying to do these days. So, I got online and found this amusement park in Santa Cruz that is right on the beach! Since its the off season, it wasn't expensive at all and provided us with a day full of fun together. Santa Cruz is only 45 minutes away, so it was well worth the short trip.

They had by far the coolest carousel ever. Directly to the right in this picture is a grey bar that has rings attached. As the carousel goes around you have to grab rings out it and try to throw it into the clown's mouth. Might sound silly, but it was so much fun!

Here is Josh trying to throw a ring in...

Anistyn was making me laugh so hard right here...she looks like she's about to fall off the horse, but she was set on trying to grab the rings out, but was too short. Josh and I teamed up and were able to get some for her, and this nice guy that worked there came up and gave her some.

They had great rides for kids, like this helicopter ride that Anistyn loved. She's waving to us in this one...I never get tired of seeing her excited!

And that had kiddie rides that the adults could ride on too. This was Josh's favorite...he assured Anistyn that they would win the race...even though it was attached to a track. Such a big kid!

They even had a mini golf course which we played. This was Anistyn's first time playing mini golf, and she loved it. Despite it taking 50 tries to make her ball go in!

Then, Josh went on this ride...

Now, I'll ride any roller coaster I can...but there is something about falling that just makes me uneasy. husband is such the smack talker and we can get I HAD to ride it. This picture is hysterical to me. You can tell I did not want to ride it...and it looks as if I'm in prayer right before it took off!

All in all, it was a great day. Of course, now that the four day weekend is over, Josh has been back to the crazy schedule of working until 7:30. So, we'll be glad when thats all over!


  1. Oh my goodness - what a blast. That four day weekend was very needed, wasn't it. We enjoyed it too.
    I need to take our kids mini-golfing. I don't think Zion has ever gone. But, I think the best is the picture of you riding that ride. I LOVE any ride, and Andy hates them, so I am always trying to get him to try one. I think I have pretty much given up though.