Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here I am!

Ah, life. What have we all been up to?

Busy decorating and moving things around for miss Britton, a visit from my wonderful in-laws, a visit from my best friend Michelle...where her and Josh put together Britton's crib bedding. That followed by sickness in the house which lasted a good while. Anistyn is being recommended for the gifted program at school and my belly is growing and Britton is moving and kicking like crazy. Josh has had a schedule change, so we've been trying to adjust to his 2 to midnight schedule...which we're getting the hang of. I've been making some great friends here which I am SOOO happy about!

Phew! I'm sure there's more that I'm leaving out. I have been so busy being wrapped up in this great life, that I've been forgetting to take a minute to blog about it!

Really though, things couldn't be any better right now. My pregnancy is coming along beautifully. I honestly couldn't make it through without Josh...he is my biggest supporter and is so nurturing and caring that it makes me fall in love with him everyday. I do miss him being home in the evenings now, but we do our best to spend time together.

All in all, things couldn't be better and I will TRY to blog more about everything as it happens...instead of always having to do updates!

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