Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy dance!

I am my mother's daughter.

I'm not stating this obvious fact just for any reason though. I will never forget all the weekends that I had to spend, being dragged from consignment yard sales...over and over again. I never understood my mother's fascination with these places.

Until now.

Now that we're about to have not one, but two little girls running around this place, there is one thing we will never have enough of. CLOTHES! Anistyn is at the point now where I have completely ran out of all hand me downs people have so graciously given to me through the years. With spring right  around the corner, she had NO shorts and barely and t-shirts that fit.

Then there's Britton, who will be born in the summer. Of course, she won't need many clothes in one size since she'll be growing so quickly...but I have absolutely nothing for her yet! Since this is the first time in awhile that I've had to purchase a whole seasonal wardrobe for Anistyn, I wanted to go about it the best way. You will never convince me to spend big bucks on children's clothing...unless its a special occasion. Especially for a baby. I remember spending 30 dollars on an outfit for Anistyn when I was pregnant with her. She wore it one time, then it seemed like she outgrew it the next day.

So, when a fellow blogger that I follow, Nicole, wrote about consignment sales...I knew I wanted to find one. Then, she just so happened to give out this great link on her page. You can click on it HERE. and search for any consignment sales going on in your area!

I looked on the site and it just so happened that there was a huge church consignment sale going on this weekend! Then...I did a happy dance. I quickly told Josh about it, and while he did not participate in my happy dance with me...I know he appreciates the penny saver in me.

The sale started this morning...and while I was up and ready to go, Josh needed to sleep in a bit due to his schedule. Once he had slept though, we headed over to the church to see what we could find. 

This is what we ended up with:

14 different pieces for the girls! For how much you ask? 40 bucks!

Anistyn got 4 shirts and a pair of shorts.

      While Britton got her first stash of outfits! Really...I forgot how fun it is to shop for baby girls!

From now on I'll be sure to kee track of any more consignment sales in my area!

Oh, and by the mother is so proud!

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  1. They are having one at our church next weekend. But it is so much harder to find stuff for boys - they tend to completely destroy their clothing!
    Looks like you found some adorable stuff. I have already started picking stuff out for Britton. I have been begging for girls for ages - now that I am getting three at one time, well I am about to go crazy!