Monday, March 7, 2011

Lapse of judgement...

For anyone that knows me...and EVER brings up college football, its very obvious which team I pull for.

I am a HUGE Alabama fan. I adore them and look forward to college football season like many people do. I even named our dog Saban, after the coach.

Josh, a fan of Florida State University.

Now, I have no hate for his team and will gladly cheer them on with him when they play. As long as they don't play my team. For anyone that knows Josh and I, we constantly joke with each other and are known to be quite competitive. Our college football teams are no exception.

So, when it came down to deciding which team our kids would root for, we split it down the middle. Obviously, I have been raising Anistyn for the last 6 years to be a solid Alabama fan. Therefore, he staked his claim on Britton, even making FSU colored crib bedding and curtains.

Did I mention we really like to show off our teams?

Last Saturday we all took a family trip to the mall and made a couple of stops into the sports stores to look around. Thats when it happened.

Anistyn switched sides.

I was in shock, disbelief...and overwhelmed with her choice. You raise your children to believe one thing. You teach them the right way...and then they pull these kind of stunts on you? Horrendous.

She proudly pranced around stating that she was on daddy's side now...and liked Florida State. She even went as far as to convince him to buy her Florida State silly bands! Outrageous!!

Oh, did Josh just LOVE it. He laughed the whole way through the store, encouraging her to explore her new love for his team, while I stood there with my head hung low.

(Really, it was hilarious and Josh and I were cracking up about it. Please note that this is highly dramatized!)

Once our mall trip was over and we were back home, she declared that she was once again an Alabama fan. I for one, was proud to have her back on my side and have come to terms with the fact that it was only a temporary lapse in judgement. Josh claims that he wouldn't want such a wishy washy fan on his side anyways.

We did have a day full of laughter about the whole incident and although I wrote this blog to be funny, we really did assure Anistyn that she is free to choose whichever team she wants, she can even like both.

Poor Britton...poor girl doesn't know what she's about to get into with this family!


  1. That is so funny! I love it. Like you said, poor Britton. She will just have to break the mold and like someone totally different. I vote for Uncle Andy's team, The Fightin' Irish. We'll just have to wait and see!

  2. Wow! FSU colored crib bedding and curtains. Nice post.

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