Thursday, October 8, 2009


During the daytime I stay home with Anistyn to avoid paying rediculous daycare fees. I have a part-time job at Old Navy that I got last Christmas to help with Anistyn's presents and have kept it in case times got hard and I needed a little extra cash. I like going in now to give me a little glimpse into the world and to help with our income. However, retail can be pretty crappy.

I know the holiday season is approaching, and thank goodness I will be out of it by then. I just don't understand customers sometimes. Therefore, I am creating a little venting list for rude shoppers"

1. If a sign in one corner of the store says "These items are 50% off" it does not mean everything is. Do not bring me an item that didn't come from that rack and ask if its 50% off. Its not.

2. I am not rascist. If I do not answer your question with the result that you wanted, it is not because of the color of your skin. Do not pull that act with me. I don't buy into it, and if you use that as a reason to cause a scene, thats just plain sad.

3. For Pete's sake...PLEASE learn to put clothes back the right way! I don't come to your job and mess up your desk! I understand that sometimes you can't fold it the way its supposed to be, but could you just not dump clothes everywhere? It would be greatly appreciated.

4. If you bring children into the store, please don't forget about them and let them use the store as if they were at a playground. Yes, for some reason, Old Navy thinks its a smart idea to sell soccer balls. Why is beyond me. This does not mean that while you shop, your children should use the store as a soccer field. Play with the things, admire them, sure. But if I get hit in the head with one more of those things...I think I'm going to go nuts.

5. While we're on the subject of children...I for one have taught my child manners. She does not run around like a madwoman screaming at the top of her lungs and annoying everyone around her. She knows better than to mess everything in the store up. If you see your child doing's a crazy notion...make them stop. I am a parent, I know how kids are. I also see a lot of parents that don't pay a bit of attention to their children when in a store. Wow.

6. If you're going to try to least try and be good at it. I know what you're doing. My first notion is to throw a bible at you to read...however, if you take 10 items into a fitting room and you come out with 2...don't get upset when you are caught. Its your own fault.

7. Will you please not try to take your significant other into a fitting room with you? I know what you're trying to do and thats just plain gross. Get a room. Just not a fitting room.

8. When you see that its close to closing time and you see me busily trying to straighten up the store, please don't come and ask me 50 million questions. I am in a hurry. I do not want to inform you about why we don't have that particular red sandal in the store anymore. Its almost winter. Get a clue. Or some boots...since its almost winter.

9. When I am at a table making the clothes nice and neat, it would be great if you didn't come stand right beside me messing it up again. Where is your house? Let me come and unfold your laundry after you just got done with it. wouldn't like it either.

10. If the store closes at 9:00 not come in at 8:55 and look around forever without buying something. I cannot understand it. I could...if you really needed something and that was the only time you had to get it. But why...oh why...would you come in right before closing just to look around? The store has been open all day long and you had plenty of time to browse around then. We're ready to go home. Why don't you go read a book, or watch TV?

Now I feel better:)


  1. You crack me up, you hot mess. The background is perty :)

  2. I think I remember now why I never worked retail! Although fast food really wasn't much fun either...
    The soccer balls really are a bad idea. You should talk to someone about that, seriously!

  3. I think I could write a whole different blog about serving...ha. Glad those days are over!