Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a weekend...

WOW, I had a crazy busy weekend! Now that we are less than week away from getting to California (yay!) we had a lot to do!

Friday I said good-bye to Mama Barbara and headed to Anniston, Alabama to get my military liscense. Once that was done, I drove home and packed up all of mine and Anistyn's belonging. I stayed up very late getting everything together because I had to pack some things that the movers will bring, and some things I need to bring myself in case the movers don't come for awhile.

Saturday morning Josh's parents came to Birmingham to pick up Anistyn's bed and dresser. I loaded boxes in the blazer to take to they're house and headed to Rome for the night. We had to sort through ALL of Josh's stuff...and let me just sweet husband is a PACK RAT! Needless to say, we can't take a lot of it since we'll only be gone 6 months. But we DO have a lot of furniture and for the most part we're all set! Dane, Ellen, and I went out to eat at a mexican restaurant and then worked until 11pm getting everything situated...we now have 5 piles of things and had to put blue tape on everything that is going.

I got up early on Sunday morning and headed back to Birmingham for church. I had wanted to say my good-byes to my church family. They are all so sweet and have been there for me a lot the past few years. There were a lot of tears and hugs, but everyone is extremely happy for me.

Then I headed over to my aunt's house where my family met up to throw me a "gift card" party. A great idea from my Aunt Debbie! We of course had a photography session (its bound to happen if Debbie is around!) and ate great food.

I will post some pictures when my aunt gives me the ones she took...but until then here is one of me and my aunt Tammy at the gift card party...

And I had to post this picture! Its Tammy and her son Kade, along with my cousin Rachel and her precious baby boy Rhett!

Now I am exhausted!!! Now all thats left to do is pack up the blazer with everything we're taking...and head out early Wednesday morning!! I can't wait!

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  1. I am so glad you got everything settled at the in-law's house.
    Quick correction, it is a military ID, not license... just so you know. Not that it really matters. It is your key to everything. That, and Josh's last four digits of his SS# will be the most important things in your life! Trust me.
    Looks like a fun party. Wish I could have been there, to see you again before you head west.
    Call me from the road.