Wednesday, October 7, 2009

November 20th...

On November 20th of this year I will be turning 25. It is also my new father-in-law's birthday, so it is a very big date. You would think I would be very excited about my birthday, but lets just be honest...once you hit a certain age, birthdays are just a constant reminder of you getting older. However, I AM thrilled about November 20th of this I was last year. Not because its my birthday. Not because my car insurance will go down...

Oh no.

THIS is why I am thrilled about November 20th....

AAAAAHHHHHH.....the New Moon movie!!!!

For anyone who has been living under a rock the last two years....New Moon is the 2nd book in the 4 book series of Twilight.

I LOOOOOVE Twilight.

I first heard of the book through my younger sister, Tia. She was reading the first book and kept insisting that I read them. I do love reading, but I've never been into vampire stories, or any sci fi type stuff. I love mystery and romance. A bunch of vampires wouldn't interest me...or so I thought. Tia seriously followed me around the house reading the book out loud to me until FINALLY....I gave in. I finished all four books in less than a week. I couldn't keep my nose out of them!

Last year on my birthday, Twilight came out. Now I am always one to love a book's version better than a movie version. Simply because books capture a person's thoughts and feelings and describe them so much better than you can portray on a movie screen. I still like the Twilight book more...but I did really like the movie. Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job explaining every detail of Edward and Bella's adoration for each other...something that is very hard to explain onscreen. However...I have the movie and am thrilled about New Moon!

For my birthday last year, I went out to eat with a bunch of my friends...and then we all went to go watch Twilight...I even wore my own Twilight shirt. Yes...I did. This year however, I will be in California and away from all of my fellow Twilight fans. Thank goodness Josh already said he would go see it with me. Such a good husband!


  1. I'm excited, too! I think I also converted my friend Shannon. Also - you have GOT to watch & read True Blood. It's my fave.

  2. I've heard great things about True Blood--I want to read/watch those too! I am already planning out my New Moon Blog. So stay tuned!

  3. I read all of the True Blood books...they're great! I just don't have HBO:( Tiff, I have all of the True Blood book. I'll give them to you!

  4. Well, we have something else in common too.(besides being in love with Freeman men) I LOVE the Twilight books. I am okay with the movie, and will go see New Moon, just because. I have read the whole series twice. I have also read the entire True blood series. It is not as good as Twilight, but is entertaining. I don't have cable, so don't watch the show, but the books certainly held my attention. Have you read any of her other books? She has other series too.

  5. We were just destined to be related! I haven't read any of her other books...I'll have to check them out. I could read Twilight over and over again! I think the Sookie Stackhouse series had a new book come out though...I need to get it!