Friday, October 9, 2009


Earlier this afternoon, Anistyn and I had some errands to run and my cousin's birthday dinner to attend this evening. As I was getting the two of us ready I had to go on a search for a pair of shoes for Anistyn. It always seems that I can find one of every single shoe of hers, but never the match. I finally ended up digging and digging in the closet to try to find a pair. I didn't find a match...however, I came across something MUCH more exciting!!!


Everyone knows by now 8th grade is the year Josh and I first dated. I had been wondering where my yearbook ever went to so when I came across it, I was thrilled! Imagine my surprise when I opened the book.

There, on the very first page was a note from Josh! It took up the whole page. When I read it, I cried. I couldn't believe the irony...or miracle of our relationship. I took a picture of the note that he wrote:

It might be a little hard to read, but it says :

Dear Tara,

You are the coolest chick I've ever known. You always cared if something was wrong. You're cute, hot, and funny. All of those things made a big difference. I will miss you the most of all!

Love, Josh Freeman

P.S. Don't forget the hot tub and our plans for California. I never ever will! XOXOXO. Keep in touch.

Then he left his address for me and then wrote: I will give you my # as soon as I get it.

First off, you can't say the note is not ridiculously cute and sweet! Also, the hot tub is not what it sounds like! We were surrounded by a ton of other 8th graders in the hot tub on the cruise we went on, but Josh and I played footsie without anyone knowing and we were grinning at each other the whole time, as if we were keeping a huge secret from the world.

Secondly, how amazing is it that Josh asked me not to forget our plans for California? I had remembered talking about us wanting to get married and live on the beach...but to specifically say California? I just find it amazing that after all this time...we'll be on the California. Wow. There is no doubt in my mind that God had a hand in putting us together. I don't believe in coincidences.

Here I am, having some good days and some not so great days. Its so hard being a newlywed and not being able to be with Josh right now. He is so worth it though, and this just proved it. We're only at the beginning of an amazing marriage. Josh and I both tend to get discouraged, and I think God just sent me a little reminder that we are so close to being together.

I was also able to get mine and Josh's pictures:

Its a little blurry...I don't have a camera so I took a picture of the picture with my phone...yeah..but look how cute he was!

Its very torn, but you can make it out...Josh says those bangs were irresistable...ha. Thank goodness I started growing them out the next year!

And finally...a picture of where it all started:

I can't really make Josh and I out, but we're in there somewhere!


  1. How cute!! I love it when God gives us those little pick-me-ups that we needed. He is sooooo good!!

  2. Gives me chills. Obviously you were meant to be together somehow, so remember to always make it work at any cost. I'm disappointed in your pic. I was hoping for the me...if you'd had those, you would have never been separated in the first place.

  3. Ha, I had the clips in my 6th grade picture. Probably why Josh didn't chase after me We're gonna keep those pictures in a box hidden from the world forever...

  4. I Love that story. Especially that you found the year book now, when you are separated, and need it the most. Make sure you keep that around forever.
    You two really are adorable. Still.

  5. That is about the coolest thing I have ever read! SO perfect!!!! Sweet!!!!