Friday, October 16, 2009

Great News!!!

Yesterday was mine and Josh's 'one month' mark for being married.

And we got GREAT news yesterday! Well actually, the whole week has been filled with great news. It started on Sunday, with Josh going to look at an apartment he had found. By this point in all of our searching, I have to admit that I had gotten slightly discouraged. It seemed that every door we try wasn't budging an inch. The apartments out in California were either, rediculously priced, or they wanted a year lease. So when Josh said he was going to look at yet another apartment, I wasn't doing cartwheels, but boy was I after! The apartment is about ten minutes from base and there is actually a bus stop that lets of right in front of our apartment! Which is great, if I can't for some reason get Josh to class or pick him up one day. I wish I could upload the pictures from my phone, but I can't. The deposit is reasonable and they do a 6 month lease plus month to month after that. Its in a great part of town too. It has a big kitchen for an apartment, with a lot of counter space, a fireplace...its great! So by Sunday we had found the apartment we wanted...then later in the week all of our financial worries worked themselves out! Today Josh is going to the apartment complex to sign for the lease! Then he has to go meet with the transportation people that will be moving all of our stuff so he can tell them when we want our stuff delivered. By this time in two weeks I will FINALLY be with my husband!!

I have SO much to do before then...pack, pack, pack, drive to Anniston, AL to get my military I.D., get all of mine and Anistyn's stuff to Josh's parents where they will be picking all of our stuff up, be at their house when the movers come, get my liscense changed...and my aunt has so graciously decided to have a "gift card" party for me.

I also have to say good-bye to everyone in my life who has ever been there for me. I know its only temporary. But I'm used to driving across the road to my aunt's for anything. I'm used to coming home to my wonderful mom, sister, and brother. I'm used to trips to Ga to see my big sister and her family. I'm used to weekends with all of my friends and being a part of their kid's lives. I'm 24 years old...but good grief I'm going to miss my mom.

This is such an exciting thing that is happening and I cannot WAIT to be with my husband! I am really going to miss everyone though!


  1. We are all so excited for you. You need to go and spend this special time with him. Its important for the three of you to be together. Enjoy all of this time because we are getting you back this summer!!

  2. You have to post pics of the apartment when you get it all fixed up! Safe travels!

  3. I am so excited about everything working out, finally. The bus stop will be a huge blessing, because I bet you will not want to pull the truck out all the time anyway, even on the weekends.
    Make sure you have everything clearly marked for TMO, what is going and what is staying. Also, make sure you have enough set aside to live for a few days without anything. TMO may take longer then they think, and you need to have sleeping bags and paper plates, just in case. I keep a picnic basket packed for moves - can opener, plastic dishes and silverware, one small pan, ziploc baggies, etc.
    Call if you need me.