Thursday, November 5, 2009


While I was in Alabama waiting for everything to go through so I could get out here, my amazing husband was busy trying to juggle school, paperwork, and finding a place for us to live. I have to commend him for his work...because I LOVE the apartment! Its about ten minutes away from Monterey, which is where the beach and Josh's base is.

We're still waiting on all of our furniture to come in. It was picked up TODAY from Josh's parents house and is now on its way! So, we've been making do with air mattresses and plastic ware.

When you walk in the front door and look to your right, there is the living room...

I can't wait to decorate once it has furniture in it...oh, and I can't wait for Josh's filing cabinet which is where all those lovely papers will live...

Then when you're standing IN the living room, this is the view of the kitchen:

I LOVE the has a lot of counter space which you don't normally find in apartments! Notice Josh's handiman work...he hung the F up. I had gotten that as a wedding present from a friend at church. Josh insisted we put it in the kitchen because the F stands for food....such a kid.

Here is another view from in the kitchen:

I do have a dishwasher...I'm just handwashing them because everytime I go to the store I forget to get dishwashing soap!

From the living room down the hall:

The first door to the left is Anistyn's bathroom:

And to the right is her room...and yes, she was currently sleeping in her bed when I took this picture!

Then straight down the hallway is mine and Josh's room. Pretty sad right now, but once we get the furniture it will look better!

There is a cute little balcony out from our room too. There's one in Anistyn's room as well.
Here is our bathroom looking in from the bedroom:

And the inside of the bathroom..with a wedding frame in it. That is NOT me in the picture frame...ha.

And thats it! I will have to post more pictures once it has furniture in it!


  1. How fun!! Can't wait to see it all set up!

  2. awesome! You have so much space..can't wait to see the after pics too!

  3. Andy says you need a picture of Josh in the same pose as the sink picture - that would complete your bathroom decor perfectly.
    I love the new place. Looks like you have lots of room. Can't wait to see it decorated.

  4. Looks great babe. But where is the lifesize poster of me, shirtless, that I sent you?