Monday, November 9, 2009


I thought I would share a few pictures of the town that we live in. Salinas is right outside of Monterey, so it takes us about ten minutes to get to the beach. I know my way around Salinas pretty well...I just still get confused in Monterey. I haven't really driven out there by myself though, which is how I learn my way around. Almost everytime I've been, Josh is driving...therefore I am much more interested in the radio rather than street signs;)

Salinas is a cute little town. If you turn right out of our apartment complex, you hit a whole bunch of stores and restaurants. However, if you turn left....

You hit a whole bunch of fields that are growing cabbage a strawberries. They might be planting more...but I've SEEN the strawberries and you can SMELL the cabbage!

Its beautiful though, because there are miles and miles of fields, then these gorgeous mountains in the distance.

If you drive by at certain times of the day you will see all these cars parked along the fields. Then you'll see all these people all over the fields, picking the fruit. I told Josh I thought it would be fun to take Anistyn out there to pick strawberries. He said that he doubted other people would like that...seeing as they were picking the fruit for money, not fun;)

And yes, I was taking these pictures while I was driving and/or parked. Governor Arnold has passed the law prohibiting California citizens from talking on cell phones while driving...but he didn't say anything about taking pictures now did he? ;)

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  1. I guess that is the best thing about California-the beautiful Mountians you can see one direction and the beach the other!! Amazing! (I love the pics while driving!!)