Monday, November 9, 2009

Why little girls are fun...

Today, while Anistyn and I were at home I was busy trying to figure out coupons (I have not succeeded yet...but its a work in progress). There's only so much I can do to keep her occupied...tomorrow we are going to register her for some pre-k classes! In the meantime, I am glad that she has an extraordinary imagination.

Anistyn decided that she would teach "school" to all of her stuffed animals. I saw a glimpse of my older sister in her...of course back in those days, Tiffany always used me as one of her students...and she was a very strict teacher;)

Anistyn was nice enough to let me come in and teach the class their ABC's while she planned their "activity." And yes...those were her words. I didn't know she knew the word activity, let alone how to use it in a sentence! She is always surprising me with how smart she is!

Here is a picture of Ms. Anistyn with her class:

I love her pose!

Tookie, however, was not able to participate in the activity that Ms. Anistyn had planned. He had hit Kitty and therefore, was placed in time out.

That'll teach Tookie to behave next time;)


  1. Oh, that is priceless! Did she really put her "Tookie" in time out? I love it!