Friday, November 6, 2009

First Weekend in Cali

Last weekend was a very busy one for us since it was our first few days in the apartment together. We did a little shopping Friday night for some necessities. Saturday morning we had to take my mom to the airport, which was bittersweet. I had to wake my sweet little girl up from her big girl bed in her big girl room:

What a happy smile to wake up to! We had a lot of errands to run on Saturday, but managed to pick up an outfit for Anistyn to wear Saturday night. We had bought it Friday night while we were out shopping, so she insisted on wearing it all day Saturday:

Such a pretty little cowgirl...with a little bit of attitude! Saturday night we took Anistyn to Monterey to the harbor. They have cute little shops there and they were all handing out candy. Anistyn had fallen asleep on the way there so she was a little grouchy once we made it there, but we were able to get her some treats.

Oh I love these two! On Sunday Josh took us back to the bay so that we could see the beach in the daytime and also see some seals!

The views there are so beautiful! If you look closely at the rocks, you can see a seal laying on one beside the rocks that the two birds are sitting on.

Anistyn and Josh had some fun digging in the sand:

I attempted to take Anistyn down to the water to touch the freezing cold Pacific Ocean:

However, when I went in to just barely touch the water, a wave came and took one of my sandals! Josh was about to go in and get it, when the nice guy to the left of this picture went and got it, since he was already in the water! For awhile I had to walk around with sandy wet shoes and soaking pants!

We saw a few more sights:

Anistyn insisted on having her picture taken with this statue of a butterfly:

Then we ate a great seafood lunch in the harbor where all the boats dock. Its a very cool little place, there are a lot of little restaurants and they all have people standing outside giving out samples of clam chowder. I guess they love clam chowder there which is fine, because I love it too! We were sitting next to a window and right out the window, on the dock were a lot of seals that were sunbathing.

I had to take a picture of my food for my mom...because we both love shrimp! I had crab stuffed shrimp...the food here is amazing!


  1. I love the cowgirl hat!
    I enjoyed Monterey's food, and the freezing cold water. The main thing I remember is the seaweed. Andy pretended to be a monster coming up out of the water.
    We may have to come out there and see you guys and get some of that clam chowder! JK

  2. I would love if you guys came out here...even if it was just for the clam chowder! We did see a lot of seaweed...I can't believe Andy went into the water! It must have been summer cause when I felt the water it was freezing. It was cool and breezy that day and I was in shock to see some girls in their bikinis laying out and in the water. My poor cold natured body could NOT have handled that!