Monday, November 23, 2009


Wow, what a weekend! I would have posted earlier, since a lot of things happened, but the weekend was so busy that I never had a chance.

Friday was my birthday so I spent the day with Anistyn. She refused to tell me happy birthday though because I did NOT have a cake! But, that afternoon the doorbell rang and there stood Josh with a birthday cake all lit up for me. So we had a fun Friday night just relaxing at the house.

Bright and early Saturday morning our furniture came!!! FINALLY!!!

We spent the morning trying to organize as much as possible since we had plans for that night. Here is a picture of our living room! Ignore the boxes that are still there. We filled up the apartment garbage posts with boxes we have to wait for it to be emptied so we can take the rest out!

I will have to post some more pictures of it later! Saturday night I got to do a little shopping for my birthday, then we dropped Anistyn off at 'Parents Night Out' at her school. They do it once a month on a weekend night from 6pm-11pm. I had signed Anistyn up, but was worried. I didn't want her to be the only child there...but she definitely wasn't! I guess thats the only chance a lot of parents around here get to go out by themselves so I was glad to see that Ani had plenty of children to play with! They served them dinner and had all kinds of games and movies for the kids. So Josh and I were able to have a little date! Soooo....what did we do???

We went to see New Moon!!! Here we are on the way to the movie!!! Can't you tell how excited we both were!!!

Okay, so maybe I was a little more excited....this picture cracks me up. Josh was a trooper though! Notice how we're matching...this seems to happen a lot when we go places! We get ready seperately and when we're finally ready to leave we notice that we're always wearing the same color shirt! Its happened three times...we've worn blue, yellow, and black. Maybe lame, but I just thought it was cute.

So, we got to see the movie I have been DYING to see! We had to endure some preteen screams...and we were sitting next to some guys that were making fun of the movie through the whole thing. Which I thought was pretty funny considering they came to the movie by themselves...they didn't have any girlfriends or anything to MAKE them watch the movie. They came willingly, yet they made fun it....hmmm

After the movie we went and picked up Ani who had a great time at school. The next day we finished off clearing up the apartment and getting everything organized. Its great to have a handy man around! He even figured out a way to hang up our robes:

Please note the towel rack because I need some decorating help! Josh and I are having a "disagreement" with it. Obviously we are going for a brown and blue theme. Now, I had originally planned to have two big brown towels and then two little blue towels sitting on top, just like the towels on the right. Josh thinks that that we should keep the big blue towel up there, and get a little brown please post your input! It won't hurt my feelings if you think Josh's way is better...but I just need some help with it!

Now to just get ready for our first Thanksgiving together! Josh and I are going to cook a small Thanksgiving meal together. I can't wait to see what traditions we can come up with!

Also, last night I went to check on Anistyn to make sure she was asleep since she had been getting out of bed a lot. As soon as I opened my bedroom door, this is what I found:

I love my life!

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  1. I LOVE Josh's face. That is priceless. Andy and I went on a double date, so Andy had another guy to commiserate with. However, after the second or third theatre wide sigh he did threaten to leave! He had fun picking apart technical details, but overall I don't think he hates the story, so he puts up with it.
    We have brown and blue in our bed/bath too. I use to do alternating... so I guess I am on Josh's side. At our new house their isn't room for more then one, so the other hangs behind the door.
    Anistyn is adorable. Zion slept on the floor, right next to the door last night too. Technically they are staying in their room, and obeying, right? They just like to push it to the limit!