Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yay for Internet!!!

Its been awhile since I last posted and I have a LOT to update everyone on! I'll probably need to spread it out into a few I will apologize ahead of time! We've just now got out internet and I've been dying to share everything! The short version is that I am now in Cali with my darling little family and loving every minute of it! But...who likes the short version anyways...

So, I'll start with the trip.

My mom, Ani and I left Alabama at 2 in the morning on Oct. 28th. We had an amazing trip! We thought we would eventually get those "AAAHHHH!!!! Are we there yet???" feelings, but we really were having too much fun to notice the rediculously long drive.

After going through Mississippi, we had to drive straight through Oklahoma. Which, in case you were about the most boring state. Nothing exciting going on of course we got excited when we made it to Oklahoma City and saw a little bit of life there...

Once we made it into Texas....

The scenery started looking up. At one point there were a lot of gorgeous fields...

And out in the middle of it was this enormous cross

We stopped in Amarillo, Texas the first night. We had enough time to eat and unwind before bed. In Amarillo they have this restaurant that serves 72 ounce steaks...they have a webcam where you can watch people try to eat the huge steaks at anytime. We didn't eat there, but we did stop and snap a few pics:

After a good night's rest we were up again and made it into New Mexico the next morning.

(It was still dark...but you can make out the sign...I hope!)

New Mexico is by far the most surprising state. When I pictured it, all I thought of was desert. I was very much mistaken. Every turn we took, I was taken aback by all of gorgeous scenery. Its amazing to see what God has created! He's an amazing artist! When you first enter, there are flat fields and in the distance there are these breathtaking mountains with snow on top:

We stopped in Albuquerque to eat breakfast with my Uncle Dominic and cousin Kirsten. My uncle is retired from the Air Force (although he still works there on base) and was stationed in New Mexico many years ago. Now they've just stayed...and for obvious reasons! The scenery!

From there we kept driving, running into the historic route 66...which my mother swears she didn't think was "real"....too funny.

Seeing more beautiful scenery...

Then we ran into snow! We also passed an indian reservation and stopped so we could have a little fun in the snow.

Then we made it into Arizona...

And we drove straight through before making it to Bullhead City, CA. I was so excited to actually be in the same time zone as Josh! The next morning we got up and started on the last leg of our trip.

Here's where Anistyn made us stop, pull over, and take a picture of a cactus. Although it really didn't look like a cactus to me...but it satisfied her...

My little indian did amazing on the trip thanks to coloring books that friends had given her, her little leapster game, and a big thanks to Aunt Bethany and Uncle Andy for the dvd player!

Mimi bought her this little getup at the indian reservation...

I never knew California was so full of mountains and hills! I guess this would explain the "Hollywood Hills"...yes...I am hitting myself now for not putting two and two together...

But they were beautiful!

Then FINALLY we made it!!!!

Anistyn and I were SO HAPPY to finally be with Josh!!!

And now my little family is together and starting our life together! There's much more to come!

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  1. What a beautiful trip!! Our country is truely an amazing place!! Glad you had a safe trip!